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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Business Security System

Office Security System


Your business has many needs, including unique security requirements. It's crucial that you understand what steps to take so that you ensure safety. Start with researching the subject so that you gain a basic understanding of how to secure a business the right way.

Develop a Strategy to Combat Crime

Businesses are not immune from crime. Every day, many organizations experience all types of criminal behavior. Acts range from employee theft to violence. What differs is the response. Some businesses are very security conscious while others have left things to chance.

Surveillance Camera and American Flag

Although you cannot eliminate crime entirely, a savvy security system and plan go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of adverse outcomes. Theft, in particular, is relatively straightforward to prevent.

It's up to you to track the flow of workers and visitors. Once you understand how they move through your facility, you can devise a plan to record and audit their movements. Security systems serve as deterrents, especially when coupled with signing in everyone who gains access to all or parts of your building.

Video cameras that conduct surveillance catch criminals in the act and prevent many from trying to break in. Digital recording is inexpensive, allowing businesses to record the comings and goings of all who enter and exit. The system you choose must have all these capabilities if you plan on installing a comprehensive, long-llasting security solution.

Not only that, but monitoring by a third party is a way to rapidly alert authorities in the event of a breach. This speed serves as a threat to any criminal who might want to break in. They know they won't have much time at all, especially when the business has a trusted security system in place. Always consider implementing systems that offer deterrence and response. Doing so causes an immediate reduction in criminal activity.



Alert Authorities About Security Threats

In today's day and age, business owners need to assure the safety of their employees and guests. Intrusion controls are the best way to make sure that people at your company are safe.


For an added level of security, alarms that recognize voices and noises give security monitoring professionals the ability to "listen in" on what's happening at the scene. By hearing what's going on first-hand, they're able to identify if there's a problem that requires intervention from police or EMS, or whether it's a false alarm.

If the monitoring professionals determine there's a break-in or another type of emergency, they immediately contact the police and provide them with real-time information regarding the incident.

In the case of a false alarm, the system gets reset with no further action taken.


Automation Is Central to Improved Security

Anytime you can automate a process, it makes sense to do so. Humans are fallible and can forget to take specific security precautions. An automated security system, however, will not suffer from this problem.

Networked systems run optimized software to ensure that all critical security processes continue. Now you can expect flawless operation when you safeguard your business. Sound-based alarm systems are growing in popularity because of their benefits. Since those monitoring the system can easily "listen in" on what's happening, false alarms are not as likely as they once were.


If you run a facility or are a business owner, you owe it to yourself to discover the advantages of the newest security technology.

If you're running a retail establishment, you'll want to look into "hold-up" systems that allow you to signal the police if needed. Again, an employee alerting the police about an ongoing robbery cuts response time dramatically.

It makes good business sense to institute this type of system. Your insurance costs go lower, while your employee morale rises. Security requires a total commitment to change habits. When you install a new regime, you also need to educate your staff on how to use all of it best. Over time, your entire organization will adopt the necessary practices required to safeguard the structure and its contents.


Protect Against Fire

There is little doubt that a fire can devastate your business operations. Not only does this type of catastrophe affect you financially, but having a fire happen could put your employees in harm's way, and it is, overall, just destructive. The best way to protect your corporate assets is by having fire detection as part of your overall security strategy.

Selecting a business security company that offers around the clock monitoring of heat and smoke detectors, pull stations, and sprinkler systems is a smart investment in the safety of your business. Regardless of whether your office or business is staffed only during business hours or you have people in your building at all times, by having fire prevention and detection safeguards in place you can worry less about being a victim of a fire.

The business security company you work with should have trained employees who know how to determine if there is a fire or another type of intrusion at your building that presents a clear and present threat. By monitoring, you're protecting the welfare of your staff members, your building, business equipment, data, machinery, and other assets stored within your building or office.

If and when a fire threat gets confirmed, the monitoring staff immediately contacts local fire officials to dispatch firefighters to your location as soon as possible. By getting the right people to your place of business quickly, fire detection and prevention services help you avoid complete devastationŠlike what might happen when you're not actively monitoring it for fires.

Decide on Surveillance Capabilities

Cameras vary in quality from low to very high. If you want to ensure your surveillance program works, you'll need to spend extra money to buy high-resolution equipment. If you decide on HD cameras, the benefit is that the pictures are clear enough to help police solve crimes. New cameras are also low-maintenance, ensuring long periods of consistent usage.

These are perfect times to purchase this form of equipment. The breakthroughs in technology mean the system you buy is one of the most advanced in history. It's a good idea to invest heavily now in the best tech. That way, your system won't become outdated anytime soon.

There are cameras for every type of application. You may need indoor and exterior cameras, depending on your business configuration. You may also need motion-sensing technology. It's crucial that you survey your facility to come up with all the locations that most benefit from a security installation. The presence of cameras helps keep visitors and employees honest, so you'll want them visible throughout your facility.

Surveillance Camera

Another factor to consider when evaluating a business security and surveillance system is who will monitor the cameras. There are three options available. It will be for you to decide which is better and more cost-effective for your company.

The first option is setting up a security surveillance monitoring center within your building or facility. Factors to take into consideration would be the added expenses of installation, and labor, and the training and staffing of security staff.

The second option is to work with a respected and recognized business security company that monitors your establishment as per your agreement. The final option is using a software solution that allows you to watch over your facility from any device that has internet access, without the need to buy anything special to use it.


Set Access Controls for Added Security

Depending on the nature of your business model, added access controls that limit the areas employees are permitted to access during or after work hours provide an extra layer of security.

Alternatively, if you have independent contractors such as janitorial or cleaning services entering your business when no one else is in the building, a business security system with access controls such as key cards helps keep unauthorized personnel from entering parts of your building that you've deemed "off limits."

By setting up unique access codes for all employees and independent contractors, business owners are empowered to review who has been entering what areas of their company and when. Key entry tracking will show all successful and failed entrance attempts at the front door, as well as interior rooms that are protected by access control security measures.

If you want to know which exact people are using access codes in your business, one way to confirm this is by installing security cameras that have a clear view of your entrance doors. Security cameras used in combination with access code verification significantly decrease the chances that people can enter prohibited areas.

Key card and electronic access controls are a dynamic way to reduce internal thefts, as well as external threats to your company, which is in your best business interest.

Manage Your Energy Costs

Have you ever left your business and forgot whether or not you turned down the HVAC system? Do you want to save more money on your monthly energy bills?

It comes as no surprise that the lower you can keep your energy costs for heating and lighting, the better your overall profits and revenues will be.

When choosing a security company for your business, choosing one that empowers you to monitor and control the temperatures at your building from any internet-connected device helps you keep your business at your desired temperatures at all times.

For instance, during the day you want to make sure the temperature is ideal for your employees to do their work. If your company closes overnight, you can change the temperature to something more ideal when no one is affected by higher or lower temperatures.

During the colder winter months, you can keep the climate inside your business set to a consistent temperature during office hours but then allow it to be a few degrees colder when no one is using the building. If you're experiencing frigidly cold weather conditions, you never want to turn your heating system off completely, as you need to keep your pipes warm to avoid them freezing and causing massive water damages to your office. In the morning, you can set the thermostat to raise up to your desired temperature before anyone enters the building to start their workday.

When warmer weather arrives, you can do the complete opposite by setting the air conditioning to cool your office during the day and allowing the HVAC system not to work as hard to keep it cold overnight or over the weekend. Before arriving in the morning, you can program your thermostat to turn itself on to cool the building automatically, or you can manage it from the convenience of your business security app that runs on your smartphone or tablet computer.

If needed, you should be able to make adjustments throughout the day to cater to your business needs. You get the opportunity to have complete control of how your facility is heated and cooled throughout the year.

By carefully monitoring and controlling the HVAC system of your facility, you have more tools available than ever before to control your heating and cooling system so you can avoid having to overpay for energy within your facility.


System Integration Is Easy Now

Security systems now easily communicate and integrate with larger IT networks. Such connectivity expands the capabilities of protection significantly. Any expansion is easier than ever because different equipment can connect. That's why it's safe to say we live in a golden era for business security.


Your investment not only gets you the best protection available now, but you can also keep growing your capacity over time. It's fantastic that businesses don't have to rip out and completely replace modern security systems. They should be able to add on and upgrade quickly enough.


Select a Security Company That's Happy to Help You

The best business security companies are happy to work with corporate clients of all sizes to help them meet their safety and security needs. Further, they offer potential new customers a free, no-obligation security assessment to help them create a customized plan of action to secure their assets.

If you have very specific security requirements that have to get met, the best business security companies can implement them to protect critical and sensitive data, to restrict and track access attempts from employees and other personnel, and to protect your staff members from exterior threats and dangers including intrusions and fires.

A safe workplace is a more productive workplace, simply by the fact that theft is deterred and business owners often qualify for insurance discounts because there are monitored security safeguards in place to stop costly incidents before they happen.

By doing so, everyone benefits! Business owners get peace of mind knowing that their company is safe and secure from both internal and external threats. Employees can work with confidence knowing that their workplace has security measures in place for their protection. Insurance companies can offer lower rates because you've taken proactive steps to secure your facility using a trusted business security company.






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