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How to Choose a Home Security Company

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When it comes to home security, there is no better feeling than having peace of mind knowing that your investment is getting protected from theft and other potentially dangerous situations.

In the commercial security business, there are two types of people who buy commercial security services. Those are individuals who are taking proactive actions to guard against invasions and property loss, and those who have already experienced the pain and loss of these circumstances.

Regardless of whether you are taking aggressive steps to safeguard your belongings before an incident occurs or you're a recovering from an incident, here are some helpful tips to help you choose a security company that's right for you.

Does the Security Company Offer a Free Assessment?

As you can imagine, every security deployment is unique. The best commercial security companies offer a free assessment to determine the costs associated with installing and monitoring your security system. Further, their representatives should be able to make recommendations for the services to help home and business owners meet their security objectives.

In some cases, they may even make suggestions that you can implement yourself to increase safety and security at your property. Things they might suggest could include keeping bushes and hedges trimmed, reinforcing your existing lock system, fortifying door jams, and securing accessible windows. By working with you directly, they can make more accurate suggestions for securing your business.

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Do They Offer All the Security Features You Need?

Home and commercial security has evolved quite a bit in recent years. You want to be sure that the security company you are thinking about working with offers all the services you need. These services could include installing surveillance cameras throughout the interior and exterior of your property, putting access controls in place to limit people's ability to enter specific areas of your home or business, and fire detection to alert authorities in the case of a fire.

By working with a company that offers all the security services you need, you are taking care to assure all your needs are getting met using one central company.

Do They Have a Proven Track Record with Other Customers?

One of the most unrivaled ways to determine which security company to work with is by checking their track record with previous and existing clients. How many invasions and other disasters have they averted? Have they helped in the apprehension of burglars and internal theft? How many false alarms do they average? How long is their average response times for emergency calls?

When it comes to security, all of these questions must get asked first. An experienced technician should be able to answer these issues when asked.

Are the Staff Members and Technicians Professional?

As a business owner, there's no doubt that selecting a security company to safeguard your corporate assets and investments is a major decision. Always be sure that the security company that you're thinking about working with acts and dresses professionally.

Ideally, security technicians should wear a uniform and carry personal identification so you can verify their legitimacy when they arrive at your company property. They should be able to communicate clearly and concisely so if you have any questions or concerns they can answer them right away. Technicians should be knowledgeable and friendly throughout the sales and support process.

What Technology Does the Security Company Use?

Modern security requires state-of-the-art technology. Always be sure to inquire about what kinds of technology the security company that you're considering uses for their services. You want to be certain that they use up-to-date hardware and software to maintain the safety of your business operation at all times. Another thing to ask is if they supply surveillance warning signs that can get hung or erected near entryways, driveways, and parking lots around your business.

How Long Will It Take for Them to Deploy Your System?

Dependent on your situation, you may not have the luxury of waiting for weeks or a month for a security company to schedule your installation. If you need to put home security measures in place relatively quickly, the business security technician that you're in talks with should be able to give you an accurate timeframe for deploying these installations. Many responsive security companies will go out of their way to assure that the needs of their customers are getting met promptly.

We hope this article has proven helpful in your search for a reliable and dependable commercial security company. For more information on these services, be sure to call Sonitrol and schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of your property!





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