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5 Common Mistakes with Home Security Systems

Home Security System Keypad

It's a fantastic feeling to install a new home security system. Finally, your family is secure and now you can sleep safely every night. Wait, not so fast! There are a few mistakes you should be aware of before you grow too complacent. Keep in mind: Your home security is only as good as your habits. There are other security measures to consider that help keep criminals out.

What matters is that you don't make the common mistakes that have been proven to cause breaches. Most of these problems happen from lack of planning or foresight. Let's discuss five common errors that might derail your efforts.

1. Storing Your Key Somewhere Where a Burglar Can Find It

Sure, you'll have an urge to conceal your house key outside. That way, if you forget your keys, you'll be able to retrieve a set and let yourself into your house. Unfortunately, this idea has been around so long that burglars ALWAYS look for a key before they resort to other measures to break in.

This simple act defeats the entire purpose for install a home security system in the first place.
Wherever you think to hide the key, chances are high someone will check. Forget that idea and consider other strategies to deal with an inadvertent lockout.

2. Detailing Your Movements on Social Networks

Security and Social Meda

Social networks allow you to stay in touch with important people in your life. However, they also pose a severe threat to home security. Many criminals will monitor social networks to track movements so they can easily break into houses.

A famous example of this happening was during the reign of the "Bling Ring" burglary organization. The perpetrators monitored the movements of celebrities and broke in when they were out on the town. Unfortunately, this doesn't just happen to stars and famous people. Many tech-savvy burglars are out there and, if you provide them with too much information, you'll come to regret it.

Oversharing is wrong, especially when you're clearly indicating you won't be at home. Consider scheduling a few posts just to outsmart anyone who's watching. Even if you're gone, a scheduled post could make it appear like you're at home! Be creative with the idea to ensure your protection.

3. Forgetting to Put Your Lights on a Timer

Burglars don't want to break into a house when the owner is home. That's why they look for signs that indicate the presence of people. One such apparent signal is that of having lights on in multiple rooms. Individuals who leave on no lights or just one light are letting the world know they're not there.

Be smarter than that and put lights on a timer so nobody on the outside will be quite sure what's going on. That small bit of theater should be enough to get savvy burglars to pass on your home and look for greener pastures. Digital timers are inexpensive, and this trick works well.

Covering up your actual movements, in addition to maintaining a top home security system, are strong moves to safeguard your house. Why make it easy for someone who wishes to harm you? Instead, stay aware of threats and take the steps necessary to fake out your adversaries successfully.

4. Not Lighting Your Outdoor Areas Adequately

Burglars hate lights, because these expose their movements. Keeping the outdoor areas around your house well-lit will stop many criminals in their tracks. They don't want to risk exposure, so they'll move on to a better target. A house with well-lit exteriors is uninviting to those who seek to sneak in and out with your property! They can be seen easily by neighbors or law enforcement.

It's a whole lot easier for them to keep looking for a dark house with no sign of activity. They don't have long to do their work, and having someone see them is always a significant issue. Put on the lights and keep them away.

5. Don't Forget to Lock Your Doors

Make sure that you lock all your doors, including your garage door. If you don't, you're allowing for the possibility of burglary. Anytime a criminal can easily walk through a door, be sure it will happen. It's important for you to block their progress every step of the way. Locking all doors and enabling your home security alarm is the best way to do that.

People who are going on vacation tend to have a lot of details on their mind. That's why it's smart to have a checklist that you go over when you're leaving. Cover all the basics, and your home will be in the same condition when you return as it was when you left.





You can let authorities know if you have pets in your home in the event of an emergency by displaying a Pet Saver notice.

Click here to print a notice or phone us now (888.747.0904, ext. 3) and we'll send you a decal today!

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